BetOnline Sportsbook Review

Learn about one of the top online sportsbooks out there through this review of BetOnline Sportsbook. Launched back in 2004, has been on the top of the online sportsbook market ever since. All of their operations are based out of Panama City, Panama which is also where they are regulated as they are regulated by the gaming commission in Panama City. Bettors across the United States should not have any hesitation at all when using BetOnline as they are one of the more recognizable online sportsbooks out there.

Throughout this betting guide for BetOnline, there will be endless amounts of information needed in order to place bets on the sports that they offer. There is information about the safety of it as well as the states that accept BetOnline users. You will learn more about the different banking options as well as the promotions and bonuses at BetOnline. Information about the use of BetOnline through a mobile platform and also the age limit that is required here will be presented also.

Is BetOnline Safe?

BetOnline is one of the safest online sportsbooks that there is out there right now. The fact that it is regulated by a governing body should be another reason to ease your nerves. They have great customer service in which is available through a call or email just in case anything was to go wrong with your account. If you are still having doubts, it is always best to check the customer reviews on them as well and you will not be disappointed in doing so as everyone that uses it has a great experience.

What States Is BetOnline Legal In?

BetOnline is available in 47 of the 50 states across the United States. It does not matter if your state regulates sports betting or not as sports betting is federally legal across the country. There is no need to worry about any legal action taken against you at all in the states that do not regulate it as nothing can be done since it is legal.

Banking At BetOnline

When depositing money into a BetOnline account or collecting winnings, there are plenty of options for players to do both. Gamblers at BetOnline accept Bitcoin when either depositing or withdrawing, making them one of the most crypto-friendly sportsbooks. Even those without cryptocurrency have deposit options as BetOnline offers many different methods for depositing and withdrawing.

Betting States


There are plenty of options to deposit money into your BetOnline account. Since it is an online sportsbook you can use any sort of cryptocurrency that you can think of. They take deposits of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. You can also use a regular credit or debit card as well. Depending on which method you use there are different minimums and maximums that you are allowed to deposit.

BetOnline Deposit Options And Limits

  • Cryptocurrency / Minimum: $20 / Maximum: $100,000
  • Credit and Debit Card / Minimum: $50 / Maximum: $2,500
  • Person To Person / Minimum: $100 / Maximum: $600
  • Money Order / Minimum: $300 / Maximum: $9,000
  • Wire Transfer / Minimum $1,000 / Maximum: No Max
  • Cashier’s Check / Minimum: $1,500 / Maximum: $15,000


As for the withdrawal methods, there aren’t as many options as the deposit methods. Those options include any form of cryptocurrency, a wire transfer, Person to Person or even request a check from BetOnline. There are also minimum and maximum withdrawals that you will be able to make depending on which method is chosen here. Also depending on which you choose, there is a service fee required as well as a time frame in which the funds will show up in your account.

Ways To Withdraw At BetOnline

  • Cryptocurrency / Minimum: $20 / Maximum: $15,000
  • Wire Transfer / Minimum: $500 / Maximum: $15,000
  • Person To Person / Minimum: $50 / Maximum: $400
  • Check By Courier / Minimum: $50 / Maximum: $2,500

How Do I Deposit Bitcoin On BetOnline?

In order to deposit Bitcoin on BetOnline, you must first own Bitcoin. Once Bitcoin is owned, you can link any online cryptocurrency wallet to your BetOnline account and select the number of funds that is transferred into your BetOnline account and you are good to go. In addition to just simply transferring Bitcoin, there are promotions on BetOnline that are only for Bitcoin as well. There are also advantages of Bitcoin as well as the fact that there is no withdrawal fee and no wait time in order for you to collect your winnings.

Live Betting On BetOnline

Live betting on BetOnline is a great option to be able to fulfill your betting needs. BetOnline offers live betting odds on any sport that BetOnline has to offer. When placing a live bet, you should take note that the odds will be changing as the game you bet on goes on. There are also different options when placing a live bet. There are options to bet on either half of a game, or even who will score the first or final points. The options are endless from the moment the game starts until it ends.

Mobile App For BetOnline

Unfortunately, BetOnline does not have a mobile application available for sports bettors to take advantage of but that should not stop you from betting on BetOnline from a smartphone. BetOnline’s mobile site is easy to access as long as your smartphone has access to an internet browser. All of the features that BetOnline offers on a normal computer can be accessed right from the tip of your finger such as being able to bet, deposit, withdraw and taking advantage of promotions from your phone as well.

Bonuses And Promotions For US Players On BetOnline

BetOnline offers some of the best bonuses and promotions that there are for online sportsbooks. They have different options to compare and take advantage of that would offer more funds just for signing up as well as for which payment option you choose.

  • 100% Crypto Welcome Bonus Code: CRYPTO100
  • 50% Welcome Bonus Code: BOL1000

Is BetOnline Rigged?

There is nothing rigged about BetOnline at all. First off, BetOnline is one of the most reliable online sportsbooks that there is on the market. Second, BetOnline is regulated by a governing body which backs up their legitimacy even more. There also isn’t really anything to rig on sports betting, you either win or lose the bet, it’s as simple as that.

Can I Bet Real Money On BetOnline

Everything about betting on sports on BetOnline deals with real money. In order to place a bet, some sort of payment option is required to do so. When you are ready to make a bet, however, a notification will pop up that real money is about to be wagered. Once funds deposited into your BetOnline account, you are good to go and bet on any of the odds that they have on their site.

What Is BetOnline Age Requirement?

The standard age requirement for all users on BetOnline is 18 years of age. However, if your home states age requirement is 21, then that age requirement must be followed. We do not recommend taking the risk of betting on sports while underage as it can lead to legal action if you are caught doing so.